Yangzhou, known as a city of gardens and alleys. It’s a proud retainer of ancient Chinese architecture, art, culture, traditional gardens and parks, cuisine, and commerce in a beautiful mixture of modernity with its rich 2,500 year history.

The process of modernization does not cause much damage in the city, leaving people a nice place to find view into the past. All in all, Yangzhou is the ideal place to experience unique aspects of Chinese culture, and is a relaxing break from other overly developed and commercialized urban centers in the region.

The small qinhuai river 

It witnessed the rise and fall of the Ming and Qing dynasty.It was the busyest location of Qing dynasty,together with the blocks of its tow sides. The canal's history dates back to 2,000 years ago,the ancient Han groove.It's the root of yangzhou and it has nurtured Yangzhou.

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Slender West Lake

The State Council as “an important historical and cultural heritage and national key characteristics of Yangzhou Garden Spot. ”  in 2010 it was awarded the gold content of the tourism industry the highest honor - the National AAAAA level scenic spots, becoming the first in  5A class tourist attraction in yangzhou.

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The 24 Bridge  

In Yangzhou people’s mind is made up of sail-hauling plank road, single-hole arch bridge, nine-song bridge and stringed music instrument blowing pavilion. The jade belt shaped arch bridge is 24 meters long and 2.4 meters wide with 24 flights of steps on both sides, surrounded by 24 white jade guard rails and 24 sideboards. 


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Ho Family Garden 

Ho Park is the national cultural heritage, national AAAA grade scenic spot, the first batch of 20 key parks. Ho Park, also known as “Ji Xiao Park”is the last but best work among the private gardens in Yangzhou.


Geyuan Garden

A key national cultural heritage conservation until and one of China’s four famous Parks, is a typical private Park in South China. Master fond of bamboos and their leaves looked like the shape of the Chinese character“*”,the park was named as “Geyuan Garden”.