Review of ICEMI'2007


Aug.16-18, 2007

Co-Organizer: Xi’an University of Technology

General Chair: Prof. Sun Shenghe

Technical Program Committee Chair:

Prof. Xingshan Li


16th-18th August 2007, the 8th International Conference on Electronic Measurement & Instruments (ICEMI' 2007) held in Xi'an Garden Hotel. ICEMI is a series International Conference, hosted by Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) and in cooperation with IEEE. Society of Electronic Measurement & Instruments of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, Electronic Measurement and Instrument Journal, and Xi'an University of Technology jointly undertook the ICEMI' 2007. To expand academic influence, realize the combination of industry, science and research, construct the development strategies of innovation-oriented country, ICEMI cooperated with China Electronic Appliance Corporation, and held the China Electronics Fair (CEF) West China' 2007 in the same time.

The registered members who attended ICEMI' 2007 were up to 253, including 24 foreign guests; besides, 12 special-invited guests presented, including 5 foreign guests; in addition, more than 30 non-authors guests participated who came from the scientific research institutes, colleagues, and armies. To sum up, over 300 members presented in ICEMI' 2007, and the foreign guests came from 9 different countries, including USA, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, India, and Turkey. And 3 professors from Taiwan did reports for sessions.

As the General Chair of ICEMI' 2007, Professor Sun Shenghe from Harbin Institute of Technology announced the opening of the conference. He made speech to welcome the friends from all over the world, express appreciation to the people dedicated to prepare ICEMI' 2007, and wish they have good time in Xi'an. Then, the Chair of Technical Program Committee, Professor Li Xingshan from Beihang University, and Co-Chair Professor Liuding, President of Xi'an University of Technology, made speech respectively and wished the success of ICEMI' 2007. Moreover, Some famous experts and scholars made academic reports in ICEMI' 2007, such as Co-Chair of ICEMI' 2007, Professor Bernd Henning from Paderborn University, Germany; Co-Chair of Technical Program Committee, Professor Volker Graefe from BUNDESWEHR University, Germany; Chair of IEEE SCC20 and CEO of TYX Corporation, Doctor Narayanan Ramachandran; Doctor Kang Lee from U.S. National Bureau of Standards; Doctor Xianneng Shen from U.S. Computer Measurement Group, and so on. The topics of the "future of electronic measurement technology", "signal acquisition, processing, control, and servo", "how to set up standard and its influence", "test standard and its application", "software engineering and its guidance function on future test" were involved. They introduced the forefront of science researches and some unresolved problems in their work to the audiences. The wonderful reports evoked warm applause in the conference hall with large audiences.

There were 1789 papers submitted to ICEMI' 2007, and 900 papers in them were accepted through reviewed by more than 20 experts. These papers were edited into proceedings of ICEMI'2007, which were published by IEEE.

The authors were divided into 4 groups, and they participated in heated discuss in term of 8 units. There were 86 authors made sub-exchange, and 20 authors made poster.

Throughout the whole process of ICEMI' 2007, we committed to raise academic standards of the conference, promote the international exchange, and build ICEMI as the brand academic activity of CIE. Therefore, through our efforts, the number of participants and speech makers, the scale of the conference were up to a higher level; and the conference was running correctly according to the plan. All the participants, especially the foreigner came to China for the first time, enjoyed the whole process of ICEMI' 2007, and they expressed their willingness to participate in ICEMI' 2009. After the conference, we received a lot of thank-letters and congratulatory letters.

Through the complete success of ICEMI' 2007, it is indicated that every thing will be successful, as long as we pay out efforts. Hence, trough our hard-work, ICEMI must be a well-acknowledged international conference in the near future.


Scene on the Plenary Session

Scene on the Sub-forum

Banqueting Hall
Scene on China Electronics Fair (CEF) West China' 2007